Presentation of the GVC in the Textile Clothing Environmental Standards
Lamia DALY, Radhouane HASNI

We have shown that environmental standards are becoming a critical issue for TH Industries. This sector is particularly concerned that, firstly, many substances are used throughout the manufacture of textile products, and on the other hand, it touches closer to consumer health. Since 1995 we began to focus on the links between trade and the environment. The objective is to determine the impact of environmental regulations restrict the use of azo dyes imposed by developed countries on exports from developing countries. In 2005, REACH obligations, regulatory framework for chemicals affect European producers and importers that have essentially relations with developing countries in the GCV. The latter include tests on chemicals and the requirement of certification. Tunisian producers have to bear the cost of testing if their input suppliers are eco-certified. This is in most cases a sourcing says "forced" imposed by outsourcers does not give additional freedom of sourcing to fabricators. In this case, co-contracting is far from autonomy.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmpp.v5n2a4