Moral Incentives Vehicle of Job Performance in Saudi Arabian Banks
Hassan K. Almahdi

Job performance plays an important role in the economic stability of the firm and enhances its visibility in the market, by directly affecting the productivity of the company. Consequently, the motivation and stimulation at work encourage the employees to do their utmost, so that to reach the goals, and objectives planned by the direction, by increasing the workers� productivity. We chose to consider the banking activity for our field study because of the importance of the banking sector and its weight in the economy; it offers financial services to its clients, provides funds and loans to investors of various sectors. Banks are vital in any kind of economy, and this fact can be explained by the role they play to promote industrial and commercial activities, the latter having themselves a very important impact on economic growth. The present study offers an innovative analytic framework to analyze and explain the issue of job performance in Saudi Arabian banks, by conducting a field study in order to evaluate the capacity of job performance to improve the firm�s efficiency in the Kingdom.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmpp.v5n2a3