Mechanical Design of Primary Air System, Meltblown Banks Machine TL02
José Víctor Galaviz, Eloina Herrera Rodríguez, Miguel Ramírez Torrentera, Juan José Alfaro Saiz

The implementation of cost reduction projects within industries are one of the main objectives nowadays. Kimberly-Clark in Mexico has a special interest on cost reduction because most of its raw materials costs are affected directly by oil prices. The Tlaloc cost reduction project is one of these projects. The purpose of this work is the creation of a completely new system that consists of supplying hot air for the melt blowing process. This component is one of the fundamental systems for the implementation of the complete project. First, it is necessary to have an overview of nonwoven manufacturing techniques that go through the most common methods for a better understanding of this manufacturing area. After having a theoretical fundament, it is necessary to know the system requirements, end user needs and design standards in order to guarantee the correct system performance.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmpp.v3n1a9