Traditional Management Philosophies and Practises: The Case of the Esans of Edo State of Nigeria
Oghojafor, Ben Emukufia Akpoyomare; Ofuani, Aiwanehi Barbara

This study examines the traditional management philosophies and practices of the Esans which are similar in approach to some contemporary management theories, concepts and principles. This study uses primarily secondary data from a carefully organised survey of articles, supported by personal observations and interactions with some elders of the Esan community. It adopts the matching concept method in comparing the similarities. It submits that the age-long traditional Esan management beliefs and principles have similarities in practice with many contemporary management principles and concepts, particularly with the administrative management school of thought. These though are not documented in writing, but are passed down through generations by oral tradition. Also, the concepts of esprit-de-corps, hierarchy, discipline, scalar chain, seniority, stability of personnel and authority are germane to the Esan tradition and would not be totally alien if adopted in contemporary organisations in Nigeria. This study is imperative considering that studies on the Esans as a people group in Nigeria, are few and studies on their management philosophies, styles or practices, almost non-existent.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmpp.v3n1a7