Employer Responsibility for Occupational Health and Safety: Challenges, Issues and Approaches
Fidèle Ndjoulou, Lise Desmarais, Michel Pérusse

The paper examines the challenges and issues of the internal responsibility system for organizations' occupational health and safety (OHSIR). The main aim is to identify approaches to the OHSIR. To achieve this aim, a literature overview is established. The results demonstrate the existence of four approaches of the internal responsibility system: 1) the regulatory approach, 2) the economic approach, 3) the occupational health and safety management system, and, 4) the sustainable development approach: a model of progression. The study indicates strengths and limits of each approach and suggests a new collaborative approach that would harmonize the success factors of the above approaches presented. It proposes to develop a model which would, at the same time, would value the role of external interveners, the importance of economic incentives, and the commitment of managers and worker participation in a context of organizations engaging in constructive social dialogue about the OHSIR. The objective of this new process is to perceive inspectors as counsellors for organizations in their process of developing the OHSIR.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmpp.v3n1a1