Management of Institutions for Green Economics
Popov Evgeny Vasilievich, Semyachkov Konstantin Aleksandrovich

The problem of “green” economy institutions development is considered in the present article at three levels: national, regional and corporative. On the base of “institution” concept designed in institutional economics the concept “green economy institution” is specified. Current institutions are discussed at the regional level, standards and practices in ecosystems are considered in terms of the Sverdlovsk Region. Environmental policy of the region attracts attention among the main institutions. Trends of its transition to an innovative development are offered, in particular, an opinion is expressed that government deregulation in environmental management field should be performed, and market mechanisms should be developed. As follows from the analysis of mining and smelting enterprises performance in the Sverdlovsk Region a number of advanced ecological-economic management institutions can be distinguished and recommendations for their development are given.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmpp.v2n3a3