Leveraging Factors for Consumers’ Car Purchase Decisions- A Study in an Emerging Economy
Aindrila Biswas, Angshu Mukherjee, Mousumi Roy

The Indian economy is growing at an unprecedented rate, with high disposable income, easy availability of finance, changes in urban lifestyle fostering car purchase decisions. Indian automobile industry is highly competitive and dynamic owning to major market players from U.S., Germany and Japan. The present study does not only attempt to find the factors behind purchase but at the same time also tries to find out the various other aspects of purchasing, the major dimension or attributes consumers’ prefer to opt for while exhibiting decisions for car purchase. The data for the study has been collected from respondents through the use of structured questionnaires. The five different private car categories used in the study includes- Sedan, SUV, mini-cars, sports cars and prestige cars. Exploratory factor analysis with Multinomial Logit Model has been applied for data analysis. The implications of the research have also been discussed.

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