Leadership Development and Sustainable Leadership among Tvet Student
Hairuddin Harun, Siti Khadijah Mat Mom

Leadership has become a key component of an organization, management and administration of educational organizations and systems, and this development is reflected in both academic and educational policy statements throughout the English-speaking countries and world over. Governments are investing substantial sums in leadership development because they believe that it will produce better leaders and more effective school system. Individuals are also contributing their own professional development because they think that it will enhance their career prospects and make them better leaders. Without leadership, things will be very difficult and we would have not been here today. Technical and vocational education is one of the organizations that have been enjoying leadership of different types. The importance of leadership in technical and vocational education cannot be overemphasizing, because without proper leadership in TVET programs, the goals which are to prepare people to be self-reliance will not be possible. Therefore, the need for good and perfect leadership has become imperative in TVET development. Effective school leadership has become a dominant theme in contemporary educational reform. Effective leaders are needed to sustain innovation and are the heart of capacity building for school improvement most especially in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) programs that need sustainability for its development.

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