A Look Into the Underlying Structure of the Items that Make up the Organisational Excellence and Transformational Leadership Scales in Higher Education Institution in Nigeria
Mohammed A. Sadiq, Professor Dr. Rosli B. Mahmood

There had been an increase interest in organisational excellence in higher education institutions worldwide due to reduced government involvement and corporatisation of HEIs. Transformational leadership had also been found to be necessary for the new challenges faced by these institutions. This researched aimed at investigating the structure of the items that make up the organisational excellence scale and transformational leadership scale with respect to HEIs. A data of valid 190 questionnaires from respondents who were group leaders in polytechnics of the North-Central and South-Western geopolitical zones of Nigeria were used as collected through multistage sampling. A factor analysis was conducted with SPSS 20. After iterations, it was found that eighteen out of the twenty-one items of organisational excellence could validly be used for further research while fourteen out of the fifteen items from transformational leadership scale were valid for further analysis of Polytechnics in Nigeria. These items were recommended for adaptation and application on related research

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