The Effect of Corporate Culture upon Ensuring Corporate Success: An Application
Assoc.Prof. Akyay Uygur, Arife Kum

The main purpose of this study is to determine the effect of corporate culture on corporate success. This study consists of two main sections. The first section comprises the theoretical framework where culture, corporate culture, elements of corporate culture, and the factors of organizational success are described. As for second section, it is composed of the research part. The hypotheses in the research were tested on the staff of Prime Ministry General Directorate of Press and Information Office of the News Department. The employees are asked the survey questions in order for measuring each factor. The scale was applied onto a group of 50 people (n=50) and a reliability analysis was conducted. The data, which were obtained by a total of 50 survey forms, were tested with frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, chi-square and anova analyses. As a result of the research, no statistically meaningful relationship was found when the relationship between corporate culture and gender, age and education level was studied. It was observed that the only meaningful relationship among demographic data was the relationship of seniority with the corporate culture. It is clear that there is a meaningful relationship between corporate culture and corporate success.

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