Investigation on the Impact of Organizational Culture on Organization Innovation
Kambiz Abdi, Aslan Amat Senin

Innovation is an inherent part of organizational culture (OC). Innovation is the process to develop and improve products, processes and markets, with the aim to aggregate value. Define innovation as the successful implementation of creative ideas within an organization. The Purpose of this paper is to examine the relationship between organizational culture and innovation. However, without good capability of organizational learning (OL), an organization cannot retain important organizational cultural practices. Therefore, we will examine the effects of organizational culture on innovation directly and through organizational learning. This study expects to clarify the result that indicates that OL has a full mediation effect on OC and OI. However, there are still some confusing relations between OC and OL. It is important for both innovation and organizational culture professionals to understand the systemic relationship between these concepts and the value that it can generate in respect of creating and maintaining sustainable competitive advantage for organizations. In this article, the research model is proposed.

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