Vol. 2 No. 1; March 2014

How do Managers Control Technology-Intensive Work?
John W. Fellers
A Cognitive Model of Positive Organizational Change
Dr. Mahin Tavakoli
Dynamics of Policy and Strategic Behavior: Study on Transnational Corporation Subsidiaries in China
Vipin Gupta, Jifu Wang, Jinhua Zhao
The Reflection of Partnership Context on Implementation and Process Outcomes in Cross-Sector Social Partnerships – The Case of a Local Red Cross in Portugal
Tiago Carrilho
Swami Vivekananda: A Management Guru
Dr. Sribas Goswami
Restructuring and Performance Evaluation of Chinese Local Government: Problem, Reason, and Options of Change
Muddassar Sarfraz, Jieyu Ran, Ibodullo Soliev
Leadership and Performance of Provincial Government Employee of South Sulawesi, Indonesia: The Inluence of Work Capability, Motivation and Behavior Relationship
H. Muhlis
The Effect of CEO Age on CEO Compensation using Accounting Performance as a Benchmark: An Empirical Study on NYSE Index Companies
Dr. Yusuf Mohammed Nulla
Consumer's Need for Uniqueness in Buying Small Cars
Mr. K. Manikandan, Dr. A. Rajamohan