Consumer's Need for Uniqueness in Buying Small Cars
Mr. K. Manikandan, Dr. A. Rajamohan

Buying motive is a psychological factor which provokes a customer to buy a product. There are numerous factor which induce buying. Consumer are key factor to any manufactured product. So companies have started to target consumer motives to fulfill their need and wants. Buying motives are classified into numerous variables . Consumers make many buying decisions every day. However it should be remembered that the actual act of purchasing is only one stage in the process and the process is initiated at the several stages prior to the actual purchase. Need for Uniqueness is one of the component which induce buying in customers mind. Small segment car market in India grows rapidly with large amount of requirement by buyers. Car companies in India target customers with their unique qualities. Each companies concentrate towards need for uniqueness in their product to satisfy all category customers. This paper concentrates on buying motives of need for uniqueness among customer in buying car. Participants were 334 male and 82 female.

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