A Review of Differences in Attitudes of Tourism Clients toward the Choice of a Holiday Package
Dr. Martina Ferencová, Dr. Ľubomír Karas
Journal of Management Policies and Practices, 1(1), pp. 01-08.

On choosing a holiday, the client of tourism is influenced by several factors e.g. destination, the purpose of holiday, the price, transport, catering services as well as accommodation. The article examines differences in attitudes tourism clients toward the choice of a holiday package. It gives the results of a survey conducted by means of a questionnaire filled in by respondents – clients of tourism from Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic. Predictors in the survey were gender, education, income and size of the city where the respondent lives.

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Ferencová, Dr. Martina., & Karas, Dr. Lubomír. (2013). A Review of Differences in Attitudes of Tourism Clients toward the Choice of a Holiday Package. Journal of Management Policies and Practices, 1(1), pp. 01-08.

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Dr. Martina Ferencová She obtained her first doctoral degree in Slovak language at the Faculty of Arts, University of Prešov in Prešov. She also obtained Ph.D. degree in the field of study 3.3.15 Management in the study programme “Management in Tertiary Sphere” from the Faculty of Management, University of Prešov in Prešov. Her current research focuses on the field of marketing communication and e-communication of educational institutions as well as on managerial capabilities in relation to identifying, measuring and developing communication, presentation, business and other capabilities in management and marketing. Moreover, her research interests include marketing in tourism and possibilities of effective use of interactive methods for teaching managerial, marketing and economic disciplines. She actively applies research outcomes in pedagogical process and teaches in close cooperation with experts in the field. Since 1990 she has been actively engaged in mass media communication working as an editor, presenter and publicist in the press, radio and television. Two times she was awarded the first prize in the competition for journalists of eastern Slovakia – the category of radio mass media. She is a member of the Slovak Syndicate of Journalists. She currently works as the assistant professor at the Department of Marketing and International Trade. In 2013 she received Rector’s Awards for significant contribution in science.